National Impact

Sadie has taken it upon herself to be an advocate for childhood cancer. Her constant work to raise awareness through the Sadie Keller Foundation, and with the partnership of other Childhood Cancer Organizations, has given Sadie a platform to share her story and the reality of Childhood Cancer. Sadie has spoken at the United States Capitol several times at the Childhood Cancer Caucus. She has lobbied to members of Congress, and helped pass the Race for Children Act, lobbied for the STAR Act, and continues to fight for more funding for Childhood Cancer. 

Sadie and the Sadie Keller Foundation participate in CureFest for Childhood Cancer in Washington D.C. every September (Childhood Cancer Awareness month). Join us this year September 15 and 16, 2018, and help make a difference! 

Sadie has appeared on several live National news stories including Fox News' America's News HQ, Varney and Co., and America's Newsroom, where she shared about the Sadie Keller Foundation and shared about the lack of funding for childhood cancer.

In December 2017, the National news magazine, Inside Edition, interviewed and shared Sadie's story and participated in Sadie's Sleigh 2017. You can see Sadie on ESPN raising awareness for childhood cancer during the Jimmy V week.

(all national press can be watched under the Sadie's video's tab.)

All Childhood Cancers combined receive less than 4% of the United States federal funding to the National Cancer Institute, for cancer research. This is out of billions and billions of dollars. Our children are worth MORE THAN 4%! We will continue to raise much needed awareness and a MOVEMENT BEGINS! 

"Together we can make a difference"

~Sadie Keller 

#ImIN..... Are YOU?