Parent Packs

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When your child is diagnosed with cancer your world stops right at that moment. Suddenly nothing else matters but saving your child. When Sadie was diagnosed she was in the hospital for over a month and it was tough on the family. Because of this time, we saw a need that was, and is not easily thought about. A need for a good meal and a need for help with the many trips back and forth to the hospital, sometimes multiple times a day. Our Parents Packs will help with this. They will include Uber Eats gift cards to provide good meals during long hospital stays, Gas cards to help with the back and forth driving for long hospital stays or weekly clinic visits, along with other coupons and gift cards. We know first hand what a need there is for this and how helpful this will be for parents in the same situation we are/have been in.

Your donation will help alleviate some of the stress the parents are feeling, so they can focus on being there for their child. This program is currently available for parents in the DFW area.

Sadie's Sleigh 2017 18
Sadie's Sleigh 2017 13
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Sadie's Sleigh - Grace
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Sadie's Sleigh - Grace 4