"Tatum had been inpatient at Children Medical Center Dallas since October 6th, 2015 so to say her spirits were down with Christmas right around the corner is a huge understatement. Thankfully we were recipients of Sadie's Sleigh. Not only did all the Frozen- themed gifts cheer Tatum up, but my husband and I were even gifted with goodies (coffee mugs and Visa gift card). It is so touching to know that even though Sadie was receiving treatment for cancer, she still had so many other children on her mind and in her heart. We have gotten to know Sadie and her family as the ones who generously helped Santa deliver gifts to our hospital room on Christmas Day 2015 and will forever be grateful for their thoughtfulness."  

Whitney Teague

"My daughter Grace was inpatient on Christmas day 2015 during her long fight with Leukemia. She was diagnosed in May 2015 and had been inpatient many times before. Christmas is a huge blow when you want to be home with family. Her siblings (Grace is a triplet) missed her and we had Christmas Eve dinner in a hospital room. On Christmas, my husband brought her brother and sister up to the hospital to spend Christmas Day together. It certainly helped brighten our day when all 3 of our children received gifts from Sadie's Sleigh! There was even a gift basket for me with some items that we always need during a stay in the hospital. We are so grateful for this charity and will always consider Sadie and Sarah a part of our "tribe". You can't have to many awesome people on your side!"   Carrie Byrd

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