Sadie's Sleigh

In 2015, Sadie was talking to her oncologist about whether Santa came to the hospital on Christmas. She wondered how he would find them and was scared that Santa would go to their home instead of the hospital. Making the children fighting cancer in the hospital, left with not very many presents. Sadie also hated being in the hospital and couldn't imagine being there on Christmas Day. So, she decided to do a toy drive to help make the kids fighting cancer that had to be in the hospital on Christmas Day, have a better Christmas. In 2015, she set her goal at 300 toys and collected over 1300!

In 2016, her goal grew as she decided to donate to both Children's Medical Center in Dallas (where she receives treatment), and also Cook Children's in Fort Worth. Her goal for 2016 was to collect 3000 toys and she ended up collecting over 5000 toys!!!

In 2017, Sadie's Sleigh has grown to over 12,000 toys! Sadie set a goal of 10,000 toys and with your support, she blew it away! Christmas gifts were donated to 4 local Children's hospitals - Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Children's Medical Center in Plano, Medical City Children's Hospital and Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. 

Your donation will help the SKF make thousands of children fighting cancer have a better Christmas morning. They are going through so much and could use your help.