Milestone Gifts

Sadie knows far too well how difficult this journey is. Countless hospital stays and visits, being poked and prodded, infections, long days of chemotherapy while other kids are playing outside with friends, etc. She wanted to do something to help show how proud we are of these cancer fighters for reaching so many HUGE milestones or maybe just spoil them and remind them to keep fighting. The Milestone gifts do just that. Examples of Milestones are, End of Chemo, reaching remission or NED, getting to go home from the hospital after a long stay, completing radiation, getting through something really hard, etc... A Milestone could also be that they are having a hard time and could use something to cheer them up, or they are on isolation so can't leave their room, making a hospital stay very lonely. A milestone gift is a larger gift that shows the child how proud we are of them for fighting so hard! Your donation will mean so much to these children that are fighting everyday for their lives. Sadie's goal is to get a Milestone gift in each child's hands that are fighting cancer at some point through their treatment. 

We need your help to accomplish that. Please click the donate button to help! 

Do you know someone that could use a Milestone gift? Click the link to apply or nominate your child!